Socializing your Puppy or Dog Now!

Whatever the age of your puppy, start now. The sooner the better - and better too late than not at all. And the longer you wait, the more likely it will be too late. The younger the puppy the easier it is and more quickly it happens. The older the dog, the more time consuming and tedious the process. Sometimes so much so that socialization is unsuccessful.

Here’s an example of a very time limited aspect of socialization. A larger breed dog while still a very young puppy is relatively easy to socialize with children. But if you wait for a couple of months, the small, fuzzy, cute, non-threatening puppy suddenly begins looking more and more like a big dog that some parents may be hesitant to allow their young children around. It’s easy to control a smaller puppy to keep him from jumping up and being too exuberant. As the puppy grows, that jumping and exuberance becomes more difficult to handle and more likely a liability and risk, hence you don’t have as many opportunities to teach your puppy to accept and enjoy children.